Garden Furniture

Our garden furniture is able to withstand outdoor conditions because each piece is made from solid locust tree. The classical, elegant furniture is based on Hungarian ideas and themes. Hungarian experts build each piece from fast-growing acacia trees. The surface is covered with linseed oil, and the metal parts are made from stainless steel and brass. It is beneficial to treat the wood once a year, especially if it is kept outdoors. We recommend storing it under a covered place if the weather turns snowy or permanently below zero. This will extend the lifetime of the furniture. Additionally, the furniture is collapsible and can be stored easily. There are several other products that also make outdoor living more pleasant, such as different loading tables. For relaxing at home, these tables can be conveniently used beside deckchairs. For entertaining at parties, they can be used for serving food, smoking, or playing games. The small dressing-bench can be cleverly used not only on the edge of the pool but also in the bathroom. The "swinging" deckchair is useful for reading, sunbathing, or resting in the shade. Its fold-up foot holder allows it to be carried easily. Besides these products, there are several others that are made to order, such as a tea trolley, shading garden pavilion, flower boxes, and other additional ideas. For further information, please contact us!

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