The mergoum carpet is the most ancient and prestigious short-pile weaving is Tunisia. It is assembled on vertical looms according to unalterable techniques. Its ornamentation is achieved with thanks to the combination of two simple geometric motifs: triangle and lozenge. These two shapes undeniably belong to the millenary art of the berbers, who were the first inhabitants of white Africa. The motifs and styles of ancient objects and jewels also display characteristics that reveal berber influence. Rustic and surprisingly modern and easy-to-use, this typical Tunisian carpet is made out of carefully selected wools. Because of the specific treatments these wools undergo, they ensure the strength and durability of the carpet. The measurements and quality of each original mergoum carpet are verified whit a certificate, which is closed with a seal.

Usually, our carpets can be ordered in the following sizes:
70x140 cm; 90x160 cm; 100x200 cm; 120x180 cm; 140x200 cm; 170x240 cm; 200x300 cm; 250x350 cm; 300x400 cm

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